Design and Engineering

Our Engineering and Design department analyzes, develops and deploys innovative solutions for the
Automotive and metal-mechanical Industry.

We specialize in the development of ergonomic automated assembly equipment, seeking efficiency in manufactured part.

Extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of CHECKING FIXTURES for various components.

We are at the forefront of the industry, with cutting-edge software for 3D AND 2D MODELING, providing solutions through specialized software for the simulation of CFD, CAD, and CAM analysis.

Our experience allows us to devise and design products on various materials, as well as applying Reverse engineering on complex project geometries

Specialized Manufacturing

We are specialized in producing parts in an agile, precise and efficient way. We currently have 6 CNC MACHINING STATIONS

Our well-trained team allows us to develop projects of various sizes for 3, 4 and 5 axis machines in a wide variety of materials such as aluminum, steel, engineering plastics and many other materials.

We develop customized MEASUREMENT GAUGES according to the requirements, validated by our metrology department.

Additionally, we have extensive equipment of conventional machinery as additive manufacturing.


We are a trusted service provider for major OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

We meticulously develop versatile products that address the various manufacturing needs of our customers, such as tooling testing, Checking & Holding fixtures for the automotive industry.

All our machined parts go through a measurement process in our Dimensional Metrology Laboratory to verify that they meet the required standards.

Moreover, we develop assembly and verification templates, automated data capture systems, and work & assembly stations.

Automation and Integration

We develop solutions for industrial production applying design and engineering to optimize processes and resources.

An example of this are the Assembly Jigs and automated modules, focused on various productive sectors that can be incorporated into assembly lines.


Integration of automated vision systems that help you optimize processes, reduce inspection times and identify errors quickly and effectively.

• Development, modification and improvements of PLC programming and HMI, testing and custom programming services. 
• Import, export and customization of PLC programs.
•We specialize in main brands such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Omrron, Mitsubishi and Keyence.

Manufacturing of heavy and light duty conveyor systems, any industrial servomotor application, worktables, conveyors belts and many other automation systems.


As part of our standard production process, parts are measured and validated in our DIMENSIONAL METROLOGY LAB, with a wide variety of measurement equipment, we can offer precision, reliability and repeatability in all our machined parts.


Coord 3 brand with reliable and high-quality technology, with a range of X = 80in, Y = 40 in, Z = 32 in and a resolution of 4 micro inches.

Our team has extensive experience in ​​dimensional and geometrical metrology. We are capable of advising our clients on technical questions that may arise during any manufacturing step.

Research and Development Center

The Hi-Techdesign innovation and development center is responsible of GENERATING NEW INSIGHTS AND SOLUTIONS that will allow our company and our clients to achieve better results as well as optimal development conditions, for future growth.

At Hi-Techdesign we have witnessed the changes and growth of the industry, which today is valued at 2.5 billion dollars, operations carried out by companies especially dedicated to the development of information and communication technologies, who have managed, with their innovations, to carry out truly meaningful contributions to the business world through cloud programming, chips, artificial intelligence, data analytics, etc. which are key elements of industry 4.0

We want to be part of that history; therefore, we are convinced that the Hi-TechDesign Center for Innovation and Development will be a key component to fulfill our goal, allowing us to generate knowledge in management and processes, solving innovation-based problems, and forging our legacy for future generations.

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